Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets have traditionally been limited to the kitchen and bathroom and investment in these was always a sound investment in one’s property. Today, however, home designs have evolved to become far more open and cabinetry is routinely appearing in all types of rooms from dining, rec, and laundry rooms to closets and bars. 

The role of the kitchen has also evolved into the centerpiece of one’s home. It must be functional and reflect the design taste of its owners as it serves the dual role of a workstation for the preparation of food and a room where people will gather to eat and entertain. 

Furthermore, the increasing selection of hardware solutions such as self-closing slides and no slam hinges; integrated storage for food preparation as well as waste and recycling; cabinet lighting, etc. are now limitless.  

Naturally, Accord Cabinets keeps up to date with every option and device so that we may provide a truly custom design service to help you in the selection of materials, finishes, and hardware.  

Its designers are passionate about finding the elements that best express your unique taste and will deliver merchandise tailored to your lifestyle needs. Rest assured that your cabinets will be fashionable and functional! Just check out our Portfolio showcasing our experience in whole home custom cabinetry. 



Your standards are high and so are those at Accord cabinets Ltd. As such the company only uses the highest quality materials and supplies, tools and equipment. This commitment to quality also extends to its unique use of 3D Design technology.  

From the initial planning and design stages through to the production process, Accord is committed to using the latest technology available in the fabrication of custom cabinets. More specifically, with the use of advanced CAD software, modern CNC machinery, traditional and advanced cabinet making and finishing techniques; you will benefit from the very finest millwork. The result is a product with superior durability, quality, and aesthetics.  


Custom Process

The professionals at Accord are passionate about creating unique custom cabinetry and thrive on the challenge of delivering designs that will meet every customer’s unique vision within their available space. For guaranteed results at affordable prices, the first step in your journey should be a Free Consultation with your Accord Cabinet design specialist. 

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