Contemporary Style Kitchen and Modern are all terms used to describe kitchens of the Contemporary Style Kitchen.  The main characteristics of the Contemporary Style Kitchen  are clean sleek lines and a minimal amount of cabinet detail. Strong emphasis is placed on accenting linear, horizontal lines. The frameless cabinetry construction method is used and commonly features a flat panel or “slab” style door and drawer front.

Cabinet finishes in this group can run the gamut from a simple white to reds, blues and greens and nearly any other shade you can imagine. Hi gloss automotive finishes can be used to provide a very contemporary futuristic look. Wood veneer door styles are found in the Contemporary Style Kitchen. as well and can offer a warmer less stark feel. A wide range of countertops work well in this group – granite, stainless steel, glass and manufactured stones all work well here. The most widely used sink in the Contemporary Style Kitchen  is stainless steel.

logoNewAccord Cabinets Ltd. Traditionally, cabinetry was limited to the kitchen and bathroom and investing in such areas has always been a sound investment, however in modern times, house plans have become more open. Hence, our cabinetry is routinely appearing in great rooms, dining rooms, rec rooms, laundry rooms, closets and bars. The kitchen has evolved into the heart of the home where people gather and where you entertain, but it’s also a working room. Needless to say, the advancements for hardware options such as self closing slides and no slam hinges; integrated storage for food preparation as well as waste and recycling; cabinet lighting, etc. are endless. Naturally Accord Cabinets keeps up to date with every option and device so that we may provide a truly custom design service to help select materials, finishes, and hardware to suit your tastes and tailor to your lifestyle for cabinets anywhere in your home (see our Accessories section). Rest assured that your cabinets will be fashionable and functional! Just check out our Portfolio showcasing our experience in whole home custom cabinetry.