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Traditional and Modern Expertise

Traditionally, cabinetry was limited to kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. Kitchen cabinets have always been a sound investment, however, in modern times, house plans have become more open. Hence, our cabinetry is routinely appearing in great rooms, dining rooms, rec rooms, laundry rooms, closets, and bars. The kitchen has evolved into the heart of the home where people gather and where you entertain, but it’s also a working room. Needless to say, the advancements in hardware options such as self-closing slides and no slam hinges; integrated storage for food preparation as well as waste and recycling; cabinet lighting, etc. are endless. Naturally, Accord Cabinets keeps up to date with every option and device so that we may provide a truly custom design service to help select materials, finishes, and hardware to suit your tastes and tailor to your lifestyle for cabinets anywhere in your home (see our Accessories section). Rest assured that your cabinets will be fashionable and functional! Just check out our Portfolio showcasing our experience in whole home custom cabinetry.


We offer several doors, drawers, and panels in a variety of styles, woods, and finishes (see our Cabinet Door Styles and Wood Species under Products). Whether your project calls for MDF, melamine, plywood, or solid wood, all of our cabinets are made using advanced and traditional American and European cabinet making techniques.


Your standards are high and so are ours which is why we use only the highest quality of technologies, materials and supplies, tools and equipment; from our planning and design stages through to our production process. In particular, with our advanced CAD software, modern CNC machinery, traditional and advanced cabinet making and finishing techniques; you will have the finest millwork with respect to durability, quality, and aesthetics. In other words, we will make you the most beautiful cabinets that will last a lifetime!

Custom Process

We are excited and passionate about creating unique custom kitchen cabinets for your home achieved through our detailed custom process!

Why Accord Cabinets

Why Accord kitchen cabinets

1. Consultation

Our process begins with an expert consultation where your ideas and visions are discussed so that we may advise you on the best materials and options to suit your needs. There are numerous options available, but every detail, from the countertop material to the fittings in your cabinets, should suit your unique needs. We believe in creating cabinet masterpieces built to your specifications in which efficiency and functionality go hand in hand with a design that brings you joy whenever you enter the room.

2. On-Site Survey

In order to fully transition from concept to reality, a detailed analysis of your existing space must be made so that an exact template can be determined to further develop ideas and options.

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Accord – Tuxedo

Why Accord kitchen cabinets

3. Concept Presentations

Utilizing the information from our discussions, your input and the measurements of your space we will employ our computerized technology (see 3D Designs) to develop and present an array of custom design options – including possibilities you might never have imagined and we can custom design cabinets for any room in your home!

4. A Complete Rendering of your New Cabinetry

We encourage you to give us your feedback with ideas and suggestions so that we will continue to tweak your designs in our CAD software to create 3D renders for an extremely lifelike representation of what the finished space will look like from several different angles.

5. Creating a Detailed Cabinet Plan

Once you have decided on a cabinetry design for your space, we will utilize the exact measurements we recorded to produce a precise 2D cabinet plan illustrating the exact dimensions of each and every cabinet.

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