Best of Old and New
Warmth of Wood adds Traditional look

By Margaret Anne Fehr

Carson and Greta were admirers of the River Heights style homes but were not enamored with the prospect of purchasing an older home that would inevitably require major renovations to upgrade to the modern day amenities that the couple wanted.
“Instead we decided to build a new house that would incorporate the traditional look of a character home, but that would offer the best of new construction and technology,” says Greta.
The couple worked with the design firm XYZ to arrive at a design that would best achieve their vision and agreed that a liberal use of wood cabinetry and mill work would provide the traditional style they were seeking.
Accord Cabinetry was chosen to handle the project which included kitchen, living room, master bathroom and mud room.
In the kitchen, Carson and Greta wanted to create a French bistro look and decided on traditional cabinets with a contemporary edge. The Shaker style maple cabinets were painted in Benjamin Moore’s ‘Simply White’ with the exception of the central island that was painted in a dark brown hue. Bracket detailing under the upper cabinets offer a rounded contrast to the clean lines in the rest of the room and are prominently silhouetted when the undercount lighting is switched on.
Glass knob pulls were chosen for the cabinet uppers with stainless steel cup pulls installed below. The overhead range hood commands attention, sheathed in Shaker-style panels with accent brackets that are in harmony with the cabinet uppers.
The adjacent kitchen wall features a precision built-in look with wall shelving that frames the refrigerator and travels up the nine foot ceiling height and is embellished with handsome crown moulding.
The center island houses the kitchen sink and a series of deep drawers that make storage plentiful and accessible for the couple’s young children.
A cabinet feature that Greta especially appreciates is the blind corner shelving that provides a practical alternative to yesteryear’s lazy susan which required a hands and knees stance in order to locate items within the cabinet depths. “We stow our toaster in there and it’s easy to pull it out and put it on the counter when we use it and put it away afterwards. The shelves are set on an arm that extends out completely for total accessibility. We use it a lot everyday,” says Greta.
Across from the island is a bank of up-to-the-ceiling cabinets and serving counter that Greta refers to as the beverage center. “We have a sink there, a beverage fridge, built-in ice-maker and coffee maker.”
Topping off the wall is a row of cupboards that store less used items, and are easily accessed through a custom-built ladder that slides onto a railing system when needed and is placed back against an adjacent wall on its own storage hook.
The living room feature wall is articulated with built-in open shelving for the display of prized objects, a large screen television, and closed bottom shelves for ample storage. The centrally placed wood-burning fireplace is surrounded with the same Shaker style mill work as the kitchen.
A mud room off the garage is a playful departure from the serene simplicity of the kitchen, with built-in storage compartments painted eye-popping red. “With three kids, it’s a great place for the boots, coats, and book bags. There’s a sliding pocket door that keeps the mud room separate from the rest of the house.”
Greta and Carson were very pleased with the quality of work that Accord Cabinets owners Dmytri and Sergey delivered. “They are great to work with and one of the nicest things was the pride that they take in their work. They even built prototypes with cheaper wood to ensure that the final result would be perfect. They did that for the blind corner cabinet and also for setting in the coffee maker. It was the extra care they took to make sure everything worked out exactly right.”