December 2018

Kitchen and Bathroom Design Winnipeg

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April 2011

Let there be Light!

No ordinary family kitchen
By Margaret Anne Fehr
When Vanessa and Tim began consulting with their interior designer about launching into a full-scale renovation of the family kitchen, Vanessa recalls how close they came to traveling down the well-trodden path to traditional dark-stained shaker style cabinetry and all the usual décor elements that go along with.
“I’m […]

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January 2011

Living Large

Kitchen is Distressed; Owners are Ecstatic
By Margaret Anne Fehr

Mike and Anna have recently moved into their newly constructed house, a spacious 2500 square foot bungalow that includes a kitchen of generous proportions, 21′ by 21′ to be exact. “Why not,” says Anna. “Everybody ends up in the kitchen, so if that’s the case, I […]

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October 2010

Clean, Green and contemporary…

Clean, ‘Green’ and Contemporary
Kitchen recipe for successful design
By Margaret Anne Fehr
Does a contemporary style kitchen rule out the creation of a warm and inviting atmosphere? Bobbie and Cathe didn’t think so when they first started to think about renovating their kitchen. As an extra measure, they also wanted to ‘green-up’ their space by choosing […]

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April 2010

Built for the growing years

Built for the growing years
A touch of the exotic in a child-friendly kitchen
By Margaret Anne Fehr ,Photography by Duality Photographic
It wasn’t just a whim that prompted Les and Debra to dive into a complete re-do of the kitchen in their Linden Woods home. In fact, the 20 year old kitchen had pretty much given […]

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Best of Old & New

Best of Old and New
Warmth of Wood adds Traditional look
By Margaret Anne Fehr

Carson and Greta were admirers of the River Heights style homes but were not enamored with the prospect of purchasing an older home that would inevitably require major renovations to upgrade to the modern day amenities that the couple wanted.
“Instead we decided […]

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October 2008

The Finest in Custom Cabinetry

The Finest in Custom Cabinetry
By Margaret Anne Fehr, Photography Chronic Creative
River Heights character homes of 1920’s vintage often come with their own set of architectural idiosyncrasies that can be both charming and frustrating at the same time. Ask Shauna and Jonathan, a young couple, who fell in love with their Campbell Street home, but […]

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April 2008

An Integrated Approach to Cabinetry

Shaker-style Cabinets
stand the Test of Time
By Margaret Anne Fehr, photography by Michael Roberts
Two houses, one in River Heights and the other in the Wolseley area, have undergone some distinctive kitchen cabinetry changes thanks to the considerable skills of Sergey and Dmitry, co-owners of Accord Cabinets. While the overall look in each kitchen appears to […]

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