Clean, ‘Green’ and Contemporary
Kitchen recipe for successful design

By Margaret Anne Fehr

Does a contemporary style kitchen rule out the creation of a warm and inviting atmosphere? Bobbie and Cathe didn’t think so when they first started to think about renovating their kitchen. As an extra measure, they also wanted to ‘green-up’ their space by choosing eco-friendly materials for their cabinetry and countertops.
With definite ideas about how they wanted to proceed, the couple consulted with Sergey and Dmytri of Accord Cabinets to get the ball rolling.
Cathe and Bobbie had put some thought into renovating their 35 year old home’s European style kitchen by punching out the wall between kitchen proper and the adjoining dining room which instantly gave the open concept look they were wanting.
Their choice for the cabinetry was an Echo-Wood engineered veneer called Wenge that imparts a rich, dark, exotic look. Set off with stainless steel cabinetry pulls, the look is strong and sophisticated. “There’s no detailing on them, which is part of the simple, clean look we wanted,” says Cathe.
Both Cathe and Bobbie are impressed with the series of bottom pull-out drawers that provide maximum storage and easy at-a-glance retrieval of kitchen items. All drawers glide in and out thanks to the Blum-motion soft-closure mechanism that has effectively banished slamming kitchen doors and drawers forever.
Cabinet uppers have been kept to a spare minimum over the countertops to reinforce the clean, contemporary lines within the space. Instead an open shelf is tucked diagonally in a corner closest to the dining room, and on the opposite side, a bank of stainless steel, glass-fronted shelves that open upward with a spring motion provide a uniquely stream-lined effect. Aventas?
Another major ‘green’ choice in this kitchen is the concrete countertops under the kitchen window as well as on the centre island that houses the cooktop and the teardrop peninsula at the end of the island. “We went with a green/gray colour choice on the teardrop surface for interest sake,” says Cathe. Meanwhile, the peninsula is supported by a concrete hollow pillar to finish off the look.
Cathe and Bobbie were very impressed with the natural, earthy look that concrete provides. “We had some particles mixed in with the concrete for a little bit of dimension, says Cathe. “Over time it will take on a weathered look which totally appeals to us and it is finished with silicone for a slight shine as well as durability.”
The opposite side of the kitchen is home to the built-in oven and refrigerator with a well-placed pull-out pantry in between. A small desk area with wine rack feature provides a compact work space complete with under cabinet lighting for extra illumination.
The substantial counterspace works very well for entertaining. “When we use the dining room the counter between the kitchen and the dining room transforms into a great buffet area,” says Cathe.
Cathe and Bobbie have been using their kitchen for about three months since it was finished at the end of June, and are convinced that their initial idea of combining contemporary style along with an inviting sense of warmth has been achieved. They both enjoy the efficiencies that come from more working and walking space. “It’s not a one-person kitchen anymore,” says Cathe. “It’s definitely big enough for two.”
The couple is so pleased with the quality of work that Accord Cabinets provided to them during the renovation. “They are excellent craftsmen who created a top-notch product. Both Bobbie and I found Sergey and Dmytri to be very helpful in the process when we were deciding what we wanted. They have good follow through and the time lines were excellent. If there were glitches along the way, they were quick to respond. We are very impressed with their workmanship and professionalism. It’s obvious that they take great pride in their work.”