Kitchen Contractors

The journey to your dream kitchen begins with a discussion with one of our kitchen contractors. Doing so will help you avoid costly errors in design and functionality. There are a multitude of decisions to make from style, materials to be used, functionality and accessories.  

Every detail from countertops to the fittings in your cabinets will need to be reviewed to ensure they meet your needs. Accord professionals are passionate about helping you create the cabinet masterpiece you envision. And they are totally committed to getting it built to your exact specifications and within your budget. 


On-Site Survey 

To fully transition from concept to reality, a detailed analysis of your existing space must be undertaken. Doing so will allow for a precise template of the design to take shape and test it against the available space. Modifications are suggested as needed. 


Concept Presentations

Utilizing the information from our discussions, your input, and the measurements of your space, Accord professionals will employ their computerized technology (see 3D Designs) to develop and present an array of custom design options. These will include possibilities you may never have imagined and all can be custom designed cabinets for any room in your home! 


A Complete Rendering Of Your New Cabinetry

We encourage you to provide feedback with new ideas and suggestions as they arise. Doing so will allow Accord professionals to modify the design in their CAD software and create 3D drawings which will render these suggestions into a visual reference.  These life-like representations of your finished room will provide you with several different angles views of your design before any investment is made. This will prevent any errors from being made. 


Creating A Detailed Cabinet Plan

Once you have decided on a cabinetry design for your space, Accord Cabinets Ltd. will utilize the exact measurements previously recorded to produce a precise 2D cabinet plan illustrating the complete dimensions of every cabinet. 


Be Prepared For Your Cabinet Consultation

The best way to make sure that your meeting with your kitchen contractors is a productive one is to be well prepared for that meeting. Here are a few tips to ensure you are ready to contribute effectively to the discussion: 

  1. Have sample images of designs you like. Whether you collect these from magazines or print them off the internet, having samples of designs you like will guarantee the conversation jumps quickly to a discussion on what designs are available in the style you like. 
  2. Know your space. Assess your existing space. Think about where you would like to place larger appliances. Then where you would like storage space. To accomplish this give some thought to your family’s living habits – do you buy in bulk, recycling needs, are you avid cooks? Understanding this will help the designer match your functional needs to your design preferences. 
  3. Selection of Appliances. The need for larger appliances will impact the entire design so an early discussion on your preferences for the type and size of your appliances will go a long way in moving the layout of your new design along. 
  4. Know the basic measurements. If you know the basic measurements of your kitchen, your consultant will be able to guide you through some early understanding of what appliances and what styles of the kitchen will work best in the space you have available. 
  5. Know your budget. A frank discussion will include an outline of your budget. Knowing this will guide the selection of materials and accessories throughout the project. This discussion should include the need for professional installation as this can be worked into the overall price as needed. 

After your wish list has been noted by the consultant, timelines should have been discussed along with styles and finishes. Depending on the complexity of the project, an additional meeting may be required to complete an accurate quote and get the design requirements just right.  

Throughout the consultation process, never refrain from asking as many questions as you need to make yourself comfortable with the decisions you are making. To make certain all elements of your design will come together as you imagine, feel free to ask for samples when these are available.  


Why Choose Accord Cabinets Ltd.?

The journey of creating your dream kitchen or bathroom begins by drawing the layout. Accord Cabinet’s unique use of 3D Design technology will greatly help you avoid costly errors by outlining how your vision can be realized within the limitations of your available space. 

Your professional kitchen contractors at Accord will provide you with valuable advice on the principles of design & style, light & colour, functionality & efficiency, proportion & balance; all with the sincere desire to help you bring your vision to life…  and all within your budget. 

Please search our Photo Gallery for ideas and our Portfolio page for samples of past projects. 

When you’re planning your next cabinetry project, CONTACT US at Accord Cabinets Limited for your free, no-obligation consultation. We would love to help you through the process.

Call, email or stop by our showroom. Appointments are appreciated. 

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