Kitchen is Distressed; Owners are Ecstatic
By Margaret Anne Fehr
Mike and Anna have recently moved into their newly constructed house, a spacious 2500 square foot bungalow that includes a kitchen of generous proportions, 21′ by 21′ to be exact. “Why not,” says Anna. “Everybody ends up in the kitchen, so if that’s the case, I want to make sure I have a big one!  I’ve had small kitchens all my life.”
Anna was clear that she wanted cabinets with a traditional antique glazed effect along with a number of glass mullioned doors to display her extensive crystal collection. A referral from a neighbor led the couple to Dmytri and Sergey at Accord Cabinets to make it happen.
Anna has always loved the distressed look that features a darker contrasting glaze in the wood recesses for a look that is loaded with character. The maple cabinets were painted white and black glazing was applied on the doors and drawers. The central 9 foot island is painted dark brown and glazed with black for a subtle contrast that matches a prized dark walnut hutch, table and chairs that occupy a prime spot in the kitchen.
This was no ordinary job for the Accord owners. “This job was totally custom and very interesting for us to do,” says Dmytri. “There were lots of details including brackets, columns and the number of mullion doors.”
The glazing itself requires a lot of hand-work in order to achieve the desired effect Dmytri explains.  “After the door is painted, you cover it with a glaze and then take a wet rag and wipe it off. The glaze just stays in the grooves and when you wipe it off, you have to watch how you do it. It’s like you are an artist who is doing a painting. You wipe it off and then watch and compare it to what you’ve wiped already to make sure the glaze is consistent with the rest of what you’ve done. Then it’s topped off with a lacquer coat to finish it off.”
Dmytri adds that this is a unique process and not many companies in Winnipeg can deliver the same quality of work but it’s all worthwhile when the customer is so delighted with the final product. “As a company, it’s the type of work that we enjoy doing.”
Besides the beautiful antique finish of her cabinetry, Anna is also thrilled with the many working features of her kitchen. Drawers abound in the lower cabinets and in the island itself that comfortably seats four adults. Mullion doors are positioned at opposite ends of the island and a set of doors opens to reveal a storage area for pull-out garbage and recycling bins. The lazy Susan keeps Anna’s pots and pans close at hand and is a feature that is “simply wonderful.”
The granite countertops cap off the kitchen’s ambience; white and black with veins of walnut brown work to unite the colour scheme. Mike and Anna choose a textured stone-look backsplash of black porcelain. “We chose mainly black because it really makes the cabinetry pop. We went with a simple white motif over the stove for just a bit of interest,” says Anna. The traditional style pulls are also black and provide a contrast to the white cabinetry.
Anna and Mike rate Accord Cabinetry as absolutely ‘top-drawer’ in their product and service delivery. “Everything went smoothly and was done on time. They went out of their way to make sure everything worked out well,” says Anna. “Friends come over and they are so impressed with the job, so for sure, I’d recommend Accord to anyone who’s looking for quality work. I just love my kitchen! I’m so happy!”