Project Description


By Margaret Anne Fehr / Photos by Chronic Creative
The load-bearing wall between kitchen and dining room was modified with a convenient passthrough that makes serving easy from the kitchen to the Azul Aran granitetopped peninsula that spills into the adjoining dining room contributing to the open concept ambiance.

The load-bearing wall between kitchen and dining room was modified with a convenient passthrough that makes serving easy from the kitchen to the Azul Aran granitetopped peninsula that spills into the adjoining dining room contributing to the open concept ambiance.

KEN AND LOIS are determined to enjoy their retirement years to the max in the original West Kildonan house they bought nearly 35 years ago. Back then, the house was equipped with a fully customized kitchen that matched the couple’s preferences to a ‘T.’ “It was simply magnificent! It had all the features we wanted,” says Lois. But nonetheless, it was clearly time to say good bye to the dated kitchen along with the fifties era kitchen appliances (that still work!) and make some lifestyle modifications that reflect the next stage of this couple’s desire to age in place. Lois was determined that the best features she enjoyed in her old kitchen would be replicated in the new one and then some. “I didn’t want any compromises,” she says. The couple, after a “ton of research” decided to turn to Sergey at Accord Custom Cabinets to accomplish their vision. “I was impressed by his showroom and had heard good things from people I knew who had used Accord for their own kitchen renovations, so we felt comfortable proceeding,” says Lois. First things first, the load-bearing wall between kitchen and dining room was modified with a convenient pass through that makes serving easy from the kitchen to the Azul Aran granite-topped peninsula that spills into the adjoining dining room contributing to the open concept ambiance.

A sense of space and reflected light was important to Lois. As a result, she chose a contrast of light and dark in the kitchen cabinet uppers and lowers. Highgloss white thermofoil uppers exude a sophisticated sparkle while the lower cabinets in Driftwood offer a striated, multi-tonal texture in shades of taupe and brown. “I wanted the uppers to feel airy and light as well as creating a continuous flow from the kitchen window to the back panel of cupboards.” Textures are alive in this kitchen from the backsplash of oversize 10” by 4” Italian ceramic tiles displaying a subtle, embossed look, to the vinyl flooring set at right angles for variation against the linear patterned lower cabinets.


The kitchen configuration also includes a bank of high-gloss cabinets at the opposite end of the kitchen that is a multi-taskers dream! Three pairs of gull-wing style vertical cabinets with frosted glass inserts house precious contents from the couple’s former dining room china cabinet.

The kitchen configuration also includes a bank of high-gloss cabinets at the opposite end of the kitchen that is a multi-taskers dream! Two office-style file cabinets and computer counter provide space aplenty for work-related activities. Above, three pairs of gull-wing style vertical cabinets with frosted glass inserts house precious contents from the couple’s former dining room china cabinet.

A sense of space and reflected light was important to Lois. As a result, she chose a contrast of light and dark in the kitchen cabinet uppers and lowers. High-gloss white thermofoil uppers exude a sophisticated sparkle while the lower cabinets in Driftwood offer a striated, multi-tonal texture in shades of taupe and brown.

A sense of space and reflected light was important to Lois. As a result, she chose a contrast of light and dark in the kitchen cabinet uppers and lowers. High-gloss white thermofoil uppers exude a sophisticated sparkle while the lower cabinets in Driftwood offer a striated, multi-tonal texture in shades of taupe and brown.

A broom closet and four pull-out drawers round out the efficiency of the kitchen/office space. Lois adds, “Beside the closet, Sergey put in a separate drawer for the dog food.” As well, a series of pull-out drawers, all equipped with soft-close feature with lifetime warranty, offers ease of use and a streamlined profile. A pull-out drawer beside the kitchen sink makes room for garbage and re cycling bins, another drawer keeps Lois’ popcorn machine and smoothie ingredients handy, and a pullout spice rack beside the range makes cooking easy-peasy!

Working with PhotoShoot software, Sergey routinely provides photo quality diagrams to his clients to definitively see how their new kitchen will look, taking the guesswork out of imagining what the final result will be.”

The kitchen layout was planned around the combination stainless steel refrigerator/freezer, a full 60” wide. “We picked out the biggest model we could find so we don’t have to go downstairs to get things from the freezer. We both want to be able to grow old in this house in comfort and safety.” In their finished kitchen since April, Lois sings Sergey’s praises for the superlative products and service that he provided throughout the process. “He guided me as to what would work and what wouldn’t with the ideas I presented. I was not an easy customer and he was very accommodating. He gives extraordinary service and I couldn’t be happier.” “Promises were kept, nothing was delayed. He’s a perfectionist! As perfect as it looks on the outside, that’s how perfect it is on the inside!”

The kitchen layout was planned around the combination stainless steel refrigerator/freezer.

The kitchen layout was planned around the combination stainless steel refrigerator/freezer.

Sergey enjoyed the process as well. Working with PhotoShoot software, Sergey routinely provides photo quality diagrams to his clients to definitively see how their new kitchen will look, taking the guesswork out of imagining what the final result will be. “I appreciate working with people like Lois and Ken who want to create something unique and functional, which we like to do, since we are a totally custom company. It’s easy to work with people who want to create something like art in the kitchen.”