Project Description


By Margaret Anne Fehr

image006Good things happen when like-minded people meet and collaborate. That’s how Brian and Karen described their recent experience with Sergey, co-owner of Accord Cabinets, the company that took on the whole-house custom cabinetry project for the couple’s custom built home in Bridgwater Forest.

This couple knew what they wanted when it came to handing over this project to Accord, having designed their house in minute detail. Brian and Karen placed a premium on including custom cabinetry not only for its eventual re-sale value, but more importantly “we wanted this whole home to be spectacular and for the cabinetry to really stand out,” says Brian.

For Sergey, the opportunity of working with clients who were exacting in their vision was both challenging and gratifying. “Brian told me that he had talked to 10 other companies before hiring us, so they were looking for a company that could provide good service, good price, good quality and a good attitude.”

The couple’s kitchen plans included placing cabinets along an 18 foot angled wall. They had decided on Shaker style but after visiting the Accord showroom made some modifications from what they saw there and recommendations from Sergey.


The couple shied away from the ever-popular espresso stain and went with the less common charcoal colour. Karen said, “We didn’t want anything that was too dark and that would also let us enjoy the wood grain itself.”

The same principle guided their choice of cabinetry hardware. “Sergey had samples in the showroom and we immediately liked its angularity and faceted edges in brushed nickel so we went with them. We also decided to go with double cupboards with glass fronts and lit interiors on the cabinet uppers to add an interesting feature on the long wall.”

The kitchen and island countertops were outfitted with granite in Blue Pearl and the backsplash provides a satisfying contrast of staggered multi-hued strips of Bianco Venatino marble. The stainless steel hood fan was Italian-made by Spagna Vetro and a complement of stainless appliances from French door refrigerator, double ovens, dishwasher and counter cooktop with pot filler round out the culinary resources of this open concept layout.


The island is 8 ½ feet long and is equipped with a round prep sink leaving lots of room for dining. “We didn’t want to go with the main sink on the island because it takes up so much room and it feels like you’re actually wasting the grandeur of the island by putting a main sink in there,” says Brian.

Deep drawers with blumotion soft-closure house an assortment of pots, pans and mixing bowls while a trio of pendant lights over the island adds the requisite degree of illumination and bling within the space.

The kitchen plan also includes an eat-in dining section close to the patio door and a TV screen has been mounted within a length of cabinets that makes for easy viewing from any angle.

Sergey notes that there is a difference between a semi-custom and a full custom job and this expectation set the tone for the job. “This was a full-house project that included a bar area, fireplace front, entertainment unit and ensuite. It takes a lot of thought to figure out how to do exactly what the customer wants. It’s challenging in itself but the final objective is to make sure the client is happy.”

Fair to say that Brian and Karen are more than pleased with the outcome. Brian says, “Right from our first contact with Accord, it was clear that Sergey knew his product so well as well as the build technology. I was impressed with that. His number one concern is that we were happy.”

Karen adds, “Sergey always came up with options for us. He’s a problem-solver. His materials are gorgeous; so is his craftsmanship and service. It totally exceeded our expectations.”