The kitchen is easily the most valuable room in a home. A well-designed kitchen can greatly impact the enjoyment of the space by the homeowners and will add significantly to the value of a home.

It is also the only room in the house that must be functional while being designed to entertain and socialize. In brief, gone are the days when kitchens were separate from a dining room and used exclusively for the preparation of food.

Kitchens are the heart of today’s modern home and, even if you are not considering a Kitchen re-design, sometimes some simple changes can add to your enjoyment of the space.  So here are some trends we have seen from 2017…

White losing some of it’s lustre

The all-white kitchen has dominated the traditional kitchen cabinet industry for more than a decade now. 2017 has seen an increase in various shades of greys and earthy tones as alternatives to the popular use of white. These softer shades of grey can be more layered and inviting.

The increase in popularity for grey cabinets and doors first started in 2016 and accelerated throughout 2017. This increase in neutral colours has led to a growing demand for copper coloured handles and accessories as consumers look for alternatives to stainless steel and black to compliment white kitchens.


Increasing use of technology

Technology is having a profound impact on every aspect of our lives and the home is no exception. From a hands-free faucet, integrated speakers with Bluetooth functionality to colour-changing lights, sensor-activated lights that illuminate only when the room is in use and pop-up sockets for cellular phone charging, the modern kitchen is increasingly being changed by technology. For the most part, these trends recently picked up steam and are expected to grow in popularity in 2018.

More functionality

Hardware manufacturers are also changing the way cabinet doors and drawers function. With the use of hydraulic hinges there is an increasing variety of easy-close doors that open up and out or down and out with the touch of a button. These are terrific options when space is an issue.

Increased storage space

Storage space is always a must for home owners and in 2017 this was a major focus for growth. To respond to this increasing demand by home owners for more available storage, manufacturers have designed several storage options such as multi-tiered drawers.


A big-ticket item in and kitchen re-design project, the countertop can break a project budget. To respond to this challenge, 2017 saw a rise in laminate countertops as they become more realistic with stone patterns and rounded edges for a high-end granite look. All for a fraction of the price.

Along with the increase in laminate countertops, 2017 has seen an increase in the use of wood countertops. Both trends are expected to continue into 2018.

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