Elements of Style

Over the years, cabinetry has evolved from simple storage units to elegant and efficient cabinetry designed to organize the entire room as well as allow the home owner an excellent opportunity to express themselves. Accord Bathroom Cabinets are available in a contemporary frameless construction – there is no face frame and the door is mounted on the cabinet case itself. 

As with any room in the home, the bathroom will need to be designed with efficient use of space to allow for plenty of storage options. The professionals at Accord have extensive experience creating bathrooms that blend the need for storage with the desire for a creative design. 


Features of Accord Cabinets – Bathroom Cabinets

Accord Cabinets Ltd. employs experienced craftsman who provide an extensive selection of more than fifty standard wood-finish colours and about 200 Thermofoil Door colours. They use only the finest materials combined with some of the most advanced woodworking technology to produce cabinetry that can meet every home owner’s specifications.  


Hardware for Bathroom Cabinets

Regardless of your room’s size, you can always add personal elements with bathroom furniture and cabinets. For example, toilet toppers and mirror cabinets are an excellent storage option for smaller rooms. The choice of mirror will also impact the room as it can serve to add lighting to the room and helps to make smaller rooms appear larger. 

Cabinet knobs are great hardware options for adding a bit of sparkle to the room while vanity lighting can add a great deal to the feel and warmth of the room. Illuminated cabinets can also serve as an extra wall light providing targeted lighting where it is needed most. 

Bathroom Cabinets with built-in basins have doors which feature hidden latches. These hidden latches allow the cabinet doors to close softly and safely. 

Finally, bathroom wall cabinets are excellent space saving products. These are held at eye level which results in easy access and free-standing bathroom cabinets provide for storing of other, less frequently used items. 


Materials for Bathroom Cabinets

Work with our expert designers to help you choose the right wood, door style and finishes to bring your vision to life. Choose from a variety of wiping stains, color tones, glazes, and paints as well as an array of special options like grooving and distressing to design a bathroom cabinet specifically for you. Turn your dream room into a reality – our cabinetry is inspired by you and created specifically for you. 

With that in mind, please remember we offer a great selection of doors, drawers and panels and all in a variety of styles, woods and finishes (see our Cabinet Door Styles and Wood Species). Whether your project calls for MDF, melamine, plywood, or solid wood, all our cabinets are made using advanced and traditional American and European Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets manufacturing techniques. 


A Few Final Tips from your Bathroom Design Specialist

Accord Cabinets Ltd. experienced craftsman use only the finest materials combined with some of the most advanced woodworking technology to produce cabinetry that guarantees the final product will meet all the home owner’s specifications.  

Few cabinets in the home will experience the use and abuse of your bathroom cabinets. The added environmental elements associated with bathrooms (water, dampness and humidity) results in poorly constructed units failing to maintain their appearance within a brief period of time. At Accord, all cabinets are constructed with the very best materials to ensure longevity. These are an investment in your home intended to increase the value of your property.  

With a variety of available styles from modern to classic, Accord is prepared to deliver quality bathroom cabinets in any design, anywhere in Winnipeg. Whether you prefer cabinets produced from lightweight stainless steel or stylish MDF or wood veneer, you choose the material and design and Accord will deliver according to your requirements.  


Why Choose Accord for your Bathroom Design Project?

The journey of creating your dream bathroom begins by drawing the layout. Accord Cabinet’s unique use of 3D Design technology will greatly help you avoid costly errors by outlining how your vision can be realized within the limitations of your available space. 

Your professional design consultant at Accord will provide you with valuable advice on the principles of design & style, light & colour, functionality & efficiency, proportion & balance; all with the sincere desire to help you bring your vision to life…  and all within your budget. 

Please search our Photo Gallery for ideas and our Portfolio page for samples of past projects. 

When you’re planning your next cabinetry project, Bathroom Cabinets – Contact Us Today at Accord Cabinets Limited for your free, no-obligation Consultation. We would love to help you through the process.

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