Cabinet Door Styles

Accord Cabinets Ltd. has a great selection of cabinet door styles for everyone right here in Winnipeg. From classic to contemporary, your choice of door style is often the first step in designing the look and feel of your new kitchen cabinets. Regardless of your preference, we have worked with every design from traditional to contemporary. 

The cabinet door styles, along with the selection of wood species and finishes, sets the tone and style for the entire room. You can choose doors crafted from wood (Alder, Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, and Walnut) as well as environmentally-friendly MDF or reconstructed veneers. 

You can also completely customize your cabinet doors by choosing any door frame style and matching it with a door panel style of your choice. See below for a complete list of available styles, but as always with Accord – if you prefer a custom door you do not see listed below, we can build them to your specifications. 

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Door Frame Styles

#510#510 Frame (With Raised D Panel in White Maple)


Door Panel Styles


#510 Frame, 3/8 Ply Shaker Panel in Oak

The shaker door has a solid wood frame with an engineered plywood center. The doors are a lighter weight and less costly to construct. The plywood body of the door allows for a consistent wood grain pattern, and a reduced chance of warping. An option for the shaker door style is an “SR Profile” panel. This panel creates the shaker door look, however it is made from 100% solid wood. These panels offer a solid, easy to clean surface.








Raised Panel
#510 Frame, Raised C Panel in Hickory

The raised panel door is a timeless classic and has many beautiful variations available in its design. The frame and body of the door are constructed of solid wood which is shaped into the design of your dreams. By fusing strips of wood together to create a solid panel, we can achieve a strong, and beautiful natural wood grain door that is accented by the profile of your choice. These many customizable elements allow you to create a kitchen that is truly unique and custom built for you alone.









Bead Board Panel
#510 Frame, Bead Board Panel in Knotty White Pine

The bead board panel door has a unique rustic look to it that ‘s a bit nostalgic. The bead pattern is cut into a solid wood panel (SR Profile) and allows the grain and pattern of the wood to show completely.












V-Groove Panel
#510 Frame, V-Groove Panel in White Maple

The V-Groove panel door is available in 1/4 Ply and SR Panel. The 1/4 ply panel construction is ideal for an economical option if the door is to be painted. A solid wood (SR Profile) panel produces a textured shaker look.