Elements of Style

The term “Contemporary-style Kitchen” and “Modern-style Kitchen” are often used interchangeably. The main characteristics of the Contemporary-style Kitchen are the use of clean, sleek lines and a minimal amount of cabinet detail. Strong emphasis is placed on accenting linear, horizontal lines. The frameless cabinetry construction method is used and commonly features a flat panel or “slab” style door and drawer front. 

When a European kitchen is adorned with texture and patterns, it goes Contemporary. By integrating concrete countertops, glass tiles, imaginative lighting with carefully selected furniture, all will add an extra layer to the kitchen and distinguish it from the European-style. 

Contemporary designs will often include the integration of cutting-edge technology and the use of materials in innovative ways. If you’re considering a Contemporary Kitchen-style design, remember that a successful design blends functionality with personal taste. 

The contemporary kitchen can be soft and earthy or bold and bright. It will generally merge the need for high functionality synonymous with the modernist-design movement with ideas from traditional-style kitchen designs to develop a sleek but warm impression.    


Features of the Contemporary-Style Kitchen 

  1. Contemporary-style Kitchen Cabinets
    Although white cabinetry is the most popular choice to create a clean, uncluttered look, cabinet finishes in contemporary kitchens can run the gamut from red, blue and green to nearly any other shade of colour you can imagine. High-gloss automotive finishes can also be used to provide a very modern look. Wood veneer doors are also common in Contemporary-style kitchens and provide a warmer feel.
  2. Contemporary-style Kitchen Countertops
    A wide range of countertops work well in this style of kitchen – granite, stainless steel, glass and manufactured stones among them. Marble and granite are elegant options while limestone, stainless steel and concrete are more modern. Concrete has also changed from the standard grey and beige to a wide variety of colours and patterns. These are also more lightweight and durable with better stains than in the past and will offer a modern design with a warm, earthy feel at the same time. The most widely used sink in the Contemporary-style Kitchen is stainless steel.
  3. Hardware for Contemporary Kitchens
    Advancements in hardware options such as self-closing slides and no slam hinges; integrated storage for food preparation as well as waste and recycling; cabinet lighting, etc. are now almost limitless.  There’s also been a technology race in all aspects of life from cars to appliances and cutting-edge kitchen appliances are about integrating sleek, stylish and highly functional appliances into the kitchen design. These may include built-in coffee makers, high-performance hoods and more. 
  4. Light Fixtures for Contemporary Kitchens 
    Simply stated, lighting decisions will greatly impact the mood of any room. Adding modern lighting to your kitchen design across your island or peninsula is an excellent example of adding style to the design. Pendant lighting is another example of incorporating a contemporary element to the design. A discussion with your lighting consultant can go a long way in understanding your many options.
  5. Tiles for Contemporary Kitchens
    The right choice of tile can breathe life into your kitchen. A small area of handmade tiles can deliver a strong visual impact while unusual sizes can make for stunning designs. The contemporary kitchen provides the Winnipeg home owner with an excellent opportunity to express themselves with the use of a variety of materials. The backsplash is an ideal place to start that journey. There are extensive options for backsplashes in the Contemporary-style kitchen. Full-height marble and concrete have been popular for years and will use little ornamentation. Contemporary designs will increasingly use more patterns and glass, mosaic, stone, and ceramic have all increased in popularity. Whether you prefer to run your tile vertically or horizontally, or whether you prefer round, square or rectangular tiles, there are a large variety of designs in which to choose from.

Materials for the Contemporary-Style Kitchen

At the heart of the contemporary design is the ability to re-package old materials in innovative ways. The use of glass and concrete countertops are notable examples of re-inventing materials. Mixing materials such as metal, wood and stone is another opportunity to make a kitchen look more modern.  

Contemporary kitchen designs can feature all kinds of shapes and sizes from angular rooflines and windows to curved countertops and hoods. Additionally, there are a multitude of material layers available from natural and painted wood tones, countertops, stone tiles and metal. Layered mixing is the signature element of Contemporary-style Kitchen. 

  1. Contemporary-style Kitchen Cabinetry
    New and improved storage solutions are a signature element of the contemporary kitchen. Determining the storage layout is a good place to start the design of your new kitchen. Function before design. A popular trend in modern kitchens designs includes the pairing of dark cabinets with white marble and granite-stone countertops. Stainless steel surfaces are also very popular.  Frosted cabinets are great for a more contemporary result, while painted cabinets can result in a pleasant, more inexpensive result. 
  2. Colours & Stains for Contemporary Kitchens 
    A signature element of the contemporary kitchen design is the layering of materials. These will often include the use of texture and different patterns; A mix of materials, shapes and sizes. European kitchens will tend to remain more restrained and lack ornamentation. 
  3. Flooring for Contemporary Kitchens 
    Contemporary kitchens will often incorporate white marble floor or slate grey tiles as a subtle flooring option.  You can also adopt one of many vibrant floor finishes to add a bit of colour. Your flooring specialist can walk you through the many options. 
  4. Hoods for Contemporary Kitchens 
    Hoods in contemporary kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. They can also be designed in accordance to your desired height to enhance the presence of the hood or integrate it more into the kitchen design. Your kitchen expert would be happy to review these with you. 
  5. Lighting for Contemporary Kitchens 
    Decisions concerning lighting focuses on the need for functional lighting and the desire for decorative lighting. Different lighting options will include task lighting, ambient lighting, under-cabinet lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting and general room lighting. 


A Few Final Tips from your Kitchen Design Specialist

Regardless of your personal style, the one thing that will wreak havoc on your contemporary kitchen design is clutter. This can be visual clutter with too many design elements/colour or this can be physical clutter with knickknacks covering every countertop. 

When designing your contemporary kitchen try and stick to the commonly used 60-30-10 rule for colours. This means your dominant colour should cover 60% of the room while your secondary colour should encompass no more than 30% of the room. Accent colours used in small appliances and other gadgets should be no more than 10% of the overall room.

Why Choose Accord for your Kitchen Design Project?

The journey of creating your dream kitchen begins by drawing the layout. Accord Cabinet’s unique use of 3D Design technology will greatly help you avoid costly errors by outlining how your vision can be realized within the limitations of your available space. 

You should begin the layout by determining where to place your large appliances. Next you will need to consider your need for storage space. You must have easy access to commonly used items and these must be well-integrated into the design. Finally, your room must reflect your personality and taste. The goal of every new-kitchen design is to “marry” the need for functionality with a flair for the home owner’s unique style. 

Your professional design consultant at Accord will provide you with valuable advice on the principles of design & style, light & colour, functionality & efficiency, proportion & balance; all with the sincere desire to help you bring your vision to life…  and all within your budget. 

Please search our Photo Gallery for ideas and our Portfolio page for samples of past projects.

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